The modern system is the basis for our product range for 50 mm horizontal blinds. The system is available in a variety of metallic colors. The slats are available in a broad and internationally unique selection of materials. In addition to leather and aluminum, our collection includes an uniquely extensive and varied collection of wooden slats.

Our collection of 50 mm blinds includes a wide variety of materials. In addition to stylish wood and leather, we also offer aluminum and perforated slats. The various wood types all have their own look and feel, ranging from classic to modern.


Our wood collection for 50 mm blinds includes an amazing number of varieties and is unparalleled in the world. In addition to varieties with a more classic look and feel, there are also contemporary wood types with a pure, subdued feel and washed look. The collection also includes warm varieties with lively wood grain pattern and high-gloss finishes. Discover the endless possibilities of this collection.


50 mm Aluminum blinds create a modern, industrial feel in the interior. The metallic colors in this extensive collection have been inspired by car paint lacquers. The collection is also available in perforated aluminum. The subtle holes of this material create a beautiful filtered light and an airy feeling.