Curtain Design
for comfort & Privacy

Day Curtain

Day curtain are lightweight and sheer in fabric as compared to night curtain.The main purpose of a day curtain is to allow natural sunlight to shine through,but yet preserving privacy control during the day.

Day curtain comes in material such as organza or lace.The material specially allows home owners to their spectacular views, but prevents outsiders from looking in.

They provide the subtle ambient light that during the day time,and reduces the glare and intensity of direct sunlight by diffusing it.

Night Curtain

Our curtains are characterised by colour, simplicity and innovation. Made with the finest materials by the best suppliers, they offer superior performance and are built to last.

All are the products of dynamic collaborations between globally acclaimed designers and our internal product development team. As a result, they offer a unique combination of sustainable design and functional and aesthetic excellence.


Characterised by colour, simplicity and innovation, our upholstery textiles are designed for use in public, commercial and private spaces.

Technologically superior and built to last, they are made with the best materials and are produced by the finest suppliers.



Tiebacks and Tassels

Discover our variety of fashionable tiebacks, key tassels, tassel pulls, decorative tiebacks and curtain holders as well as accessories!


Have a browse through our range of trimmings: you’ll find high quality cords like plaited cords, classic borders and braids, modern fringes, brush fringes and a variety of lace and satin ribbons.

Sewing Designs

We provide different types of sewing designs for your curtain and draperies.

Curtain Tapes

Curtain tapes really are eye-catching for any window decoration! From extra wide pleated tapes to simple universal tapes – there really is no limit to your creativity!

Tracks and Rods

Curtain tracks and rods is the hardware used to hang your curtains

Curtain Automation for your Smart Home