Roller Blinds

Simple and Easy

In addition to an exceptionally wide and versatile collection of roller blind fabrics, our product range comprises an innovative modular roller blind system. The many configuration options and choice in functional and decorative fabrics make it possible to find the ideal roller blind for every situation.

Our collection of roller blinds includes a wide range of various fabric types. From translucent to black-out and from basic to luxurious. Besides jacquards, the collection includes stylish print designs and timeless natural fabrics. A contract collection that includes items with a beautiful wool and cotton look was recently added to our product range.



The double layer of fabric with transparent and non-transparent stripes is perfect for adjusting light and privacy. In addition to the various system types, our product range also includes a broad and innovative collection of double roller fabrics with over 300 varieties.

Besides functional basic fabrics our collection also offers innovative varieties with extra narrow or wide stripes, stylish jacquard patterns and exclusive fabrics with elegant details.



Our broad product range for panel blinds includes various fabrics as well as various system options. The system features clean design, easy mounting and user-friendliness. It also offers a unique automation option. The ultimate system has a true design look and feel.

Our extensive collection of panel fabrics includes a large number of qualities, patterns and colors. In addition to functional fabrics, the collection also offers innovative decorative options with unique designs and exclusive jacquards.



In addition to a broad and innovative collection of fabrics, our product range for vertical blinds offers a versatile, efficient system. The system is user friendly as well as easy to assemble and install. The modular structure makes it easy to upgrade the system from basic to full-option.

In addition to simple, functional fabrics in various qualities, our vertical collection offers, among other things, stylish jacquard-woven fabrics with subtle micro patterns and sophisticated natural fabrics with a pure look and feel. They add a new, decorative dimension to the vertical blinds.



The modern system is the basis for our product range for 50 mm horizontal blinds. The system is available in a variety of metallic colors. The slats are available in a broad and internationally unique selection of materials. In addition to leather and aluminum, our collection includes an uniquely extensive and varied collection of wooden slats.

Our collection of 50 mm blinds includes a wide variety of materials. In addition to stylish wood and leather, we also offer aluminum and perforated slats. The various wood types all have their own look and feel, ranging from classic to modern.


Our wood collection for 50 mm blinds includes an amazing number of varieties and is unparalleled in the world. In addition to varieties with a more classic look and feel, there are also contemporary wood types with a pure, subdued feel and washed look. The collection also includes warm varieties with lively wood grain pattern and high-gloss finishes. Discover the endless possibilities of this collection.


50 mm Aluminum blinds create a modern, industrial feel in the interior. The metallic colors in this extensive collection have been inspired by car paint lacquers. The collection is also available in perforated aluminum. The subtle holes of this material create a beautiful filtered light and an airy feeling.



The horizontal lines of pleated blinds create a modern effect. In addition to 20 and a 50 mm pleated blinds system, our product range also includes a stylish collection of 50 mm pleated fabrics and a wide range of ‘Honeycell’ fabrics. Combined, the 50 mm system and its 50 mm fabrics are the XL Pleat concept especially suitable for large windows.

Their unique cell structure provides Honeycell fabrics with excellent insulating properties. In addition to 25 and 45 mm single-cell and double-cell varieties, the collection also offers a unique 20 mm single-cell variety. With translucent, black-out, flame-retardant and reflective varieties the functional possibilities are endless. The innovative designs, colors and various natural textures in the collection project atmosphere.



A classic with a timeless elegance. Roman blinds combine the look and feel of a curtain with the flexibility and convenience of a roller blind. The subtly draped fabric creates a warm atmosphere and a pleasant acoustic. Our collection includes both fabrics and an easy to assemble roman blind system.

Roman blinds with a beautiful, drape effect require supple fabric. The sophisticated paper fabrics and soft shimmering Eco-fabrics in our collection are ideal for roman blinds.



Automation control allows for all window covering systems up to 5 meters high to be conveniently automated. All motors are programmed with a single remote control unit and can be operated separately or as a group. The range includes electronic and mechanical motors.

For automated roller blinds our product range offers tube motors in various diameters that are available in either electronic or mechanical designs. The quiet motors can easily be programmed and remote-controlled with control.